Server Solutions

Whether you are planning a move to the cloud our looking to upgrade your on-premise servers, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

We can even get you set up with a hybrid solution, taking advantage of both cloud and on-premise servers.



Servers, be they cloud or on-premise are built with availability in mind. They can even be built with a redundancy in resources so that if one part of the server goes down, you don’t lose access to the rest of your network.


Central Storage

Servers, depending on the specifications, can have anywhere from 2 to 100 times the storage capacity of PCs. This makes them a great central storage facility if you have a lot of data to store, share, and backup.



Saving data to a server makes it accessible to authorised users on the network or in the cloud. This makes working together on projects much easier than having to share files manually.

What are servers?

Servers are computers or systems that provide resources (storage, memory etc) to other computers. They’re more powerful than PCs and act as the central point of a network. Servers can be either physical, in which case they look similar to a PC, or virtual, which involves getting one physical server to run multiple virtual machines.

Cloud servers hold a pooled set of resources that are delivered over the internet, on demand, to multiple groups of users. Cloud servers are highly scalable and allow users to easily change the volume of resources they use dependant on their needs.

The process

This is how we’ll get you set up with the right server(s) for you…


We’ll conduct a Network & Server Assessment

We’ll assess your current network infrastructure to find out what server type and specifications would be best for you.

We’ll make recommendations based on our findings

When we’ve conducted our assessment, we’ll make our recommendations. We’ll also make sure that you fully understand what our suggestions mean, and how they will benefit your business.


We’ll install your servers

Once you’re happy with our proposed solution, whether on-site, virtual, or cloud, we’ll handle the set-up of both hardware and software. This includes migration of data from old servers to new.

We’ll manage and support your new servers

We’ll be on hand to fix any issues you have with your servers, or to simply offer advice on maintenance, usage, or upgrades


Want to Find Out How a New Server Could Benefit You?

Please do get in touch! We’d love to help you complete your business IT with the perfect server.