Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your business’ systems were to suddenly stop working today, how quickly could you recover?

Our disaster recovery service ensures that your systems are back up and running swiftly following a critical failure.


Quick Recovery

If your systems go down unexpectedly, we’ll be ready to quickly get everything up and running again. That way, you don’t lose precious time that could be spent on bettering your business or tending to your customers.


Data Protection

Should your data be damaged in any way, be it by a cyber attack, employee mistake or system failure, our aim is to ensure you’ll have a back-up of your data safely stored elsewhere.


Managed & Monitored

Backups are checked regularly to ensure that they are successful. We can also run simulated disaster recoveries to ensure that backups are functioning as they should be.

Get back to business, no matter the problem

Our disaster recovery solution covers everything from backup management to restoration of your systems. This means that no matter what harm comes to your IT, we’ll make sure it causes as little disruption as possible.

We’ll use a range of tools and methods to ensure your recovery. We have cloud storage, data protection technology, encryption capabilities, a remote monitoring platform – and more.

The Process

Here’s how this service will be delivered to you…


Tell us about Your Company

The first step in creating a disaster recovery plan is helping us understand your business. We need to know of any risks you face and what recovery measures you already have in place, as well as what your recovery objectives are.

We’ll Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

Together with you, we’ll assess the impact that a tech disaster would have on your company, in terms of both productivity and finance. We’ll then recommend the right solution for you.


We’ll Create a Plan

We’ll create a disaster recovery plan with you. This will aim to minimise downtime, make sure your data is protected, and maintain productivity.

We’ll Test your Plan

With our simulation service, we’ll put your plan to the test and determine how long it would take you to fully recover in the event of a critical system failure.


Want to Ensure Your IT’s Quick Recovery?

Please do get in touch! We’d be happy to help you get a disaster recovery plan in place.