Managed Security

In today’s digital age, cyber security is essential. If criminals gain access to your network, they gain access to your passwords, your credit card details, and even customers’ private information.

But we know that cyber security can be difficult to understand. That’s why we’ll take care of it for you.




We can set up and manage MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for you. MFA adds an extra layer of security to your login processes, making it harder for unauthorised people to access your systems.


Patch Management

Software applications regularly receive ‘patches’ that fix security vulnerabilities within their code. Neglecting to update your systems with these patches can leave you open to attack. However, updating can be disruptive or easy to forget, which is why we’ll do it for you.


Phishing Simulation

A large part of keeping your business safe is making sure that employees avoid online threats. Simulated phishing is a great way to give your employees hands-on, risk-free experience with scam emails. And we’ll get it all set-up and configured for you.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re holding simple contact information or sensitive medical records, knowing that there’s people out there relying on you to keep their information safe on your systems is daunting.

So much goes into upholding cyber security: vulnerability scanning, security software, on-site auditing, antivirus protection, user training… It’s impossible to list it all, but we can cover everything.

The Process

This is how we’ll take the stress of cyber security away from you…


Talk to Us

Give us a call and have a chat with us about your business and your security concerns. From here, we can decide the best course of action to protect you.

We’ll make our recommendations

Based on what you tell us, we’ll tell you which services we think would be of the most benefit to you. You’ll be free to make suggestions and adjustments as you see fit.


We’ll implement any software, network, or service level changes

If the solution we decide on requires any fundamental changes to your network or the software that you use, we’ll put them in place for you.

We’ll provide ongoing management

We’ll manage any on-going services you decide to have implemented, such as patch management, user training, or MFA.


Want Us to Take Cyber Security Out of Your Hands?

Please do get in touch! Keeping you secure is our top priority.