Cyber Awareness Training

User awareness is essential when it comes to cyber security. No amount of security software can protect you from an employee unknowingly handing over sensitive information to a cyber criminal.

We can help teach your team the dangers of phishing and how to spot malicious emails, using an award winning security-awareness training platform.



Bite-Size Activities

We provide a host of different training activities. From short videos to quick quizzes, and even games, your team will be provided with bite-size activities that they can complete when they get a quiet moment between tasks.


Phishing Simulation

We can send out imitation phishing emails to your team. If somebody interacts with these emails, it will send an alert and enrol them in targeted training. If they report the email, they will be congratulated on their vigilance.


Phishing Alert Button

When undergoing phishing training, your team will have a report button added to their email application. If somebody reports a simulated phishing email, they will be congratulated. If a real attempt is reported, it will be sent to our team automatically for review and action.

Interactive learning to engage your employees in cyber security

Our programmes can be fully customised to each team member, with higher risk individuals receiving targeted training. We can also create training campaigns around specific topics, such as the clear desk policy or mobile security.

Training received will be supported by the simulated phishing emails. These will allow your team members to put their knowledge to the test in a real-world, risk-free scenario, familiarising them with the real thing.

The Process

Here’s how we’ll educate your team on the risks and signs of phishing…


We’ll Benchmark Your Team’s Current Awareness

Without your team being aware, we’ll send out some simulated phishing emails to them. Following this, you’ll be provided a report detailing who interacted with them and who reported them, to see how high-risk your employees currently are.

Your Team Will Undergo a Course of Training

After we’ve discovered their benchmark, your team will undergo a course of awareness training. This will include educational videos and quizzes detailing the dangers of phishing emails and how to spot them.


We’ll Provide a Second Round of Simulated Phishing and Report

Once your team have completed their week of training, we’ll let them know we’re going to be sending out some simulated phishing emails, and that they should report them if they see them. After that, we’ll provide you with a second phishing report. This will show you how the training has affected your team’s awareness and improved your security.

Your Team Will Receive Ongoing Training

Following the initial bench-marking and reports, we’ll provide ongoing simulated phishing and training for your contracted term. During this time, you will receive regular reports and advice on how well your team are doing in reporting emails.


Want to Improve Your Team’s Cyber Awareness?

Please do get in touch! We’d love to help you put a programme in place that engages your team in cyber security.