PCs, Computers, Laptops and Mobile Devices

Aindale offers the latest business laptop, tablet and PC technology with a huge range of features available so we can you help you select the perfect one for your business needs and budget. We’re proud to supply a range of products from the key professional business brands you will know. If you’d like some help in finding the right new products for your organisation, or want to find out about replacing old products which may additionally require installation and data transfer just give us as call and our experts will be able to help. At Aindale we pride ourselves on minimising downtime, hassle-free migrations, upgrades and installations of all laptop, tablet and PC technology for all our new and existing clients.
Our laptop experts can help you chose the right business laptop. Laptops support your employees flexibility whether shuffling from meeting to meeting or even working remotely as required. They can access the internet, use a wide variety of applications from databases, spreadsheets and emails to design and editing tools and thanks to extended battery life employees can certainly take them with them from office to office, customer to customer and use them easily in the field on the go.
While workforces have become far more mobile, there is still a need for the traditional office desktop PC. It remains the most cost-effective computing device as it is easily maintained. PCs are a great option for office based employees. Larger than laptops, typically used for longer periods of time and needing a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to them. PCs can powerfully support your office based staff. The typical business PC comes in a mini-tower box, but three other formats growing in popularity are – All-in-one (AIO) which have a monitor built in together with the PC and if it’s a touchscreen then you won’t need any extras, – Ultra small form factor PC’s – smaller, tiny & quiet, or Dongles – usually used in niche markets.
Tablets are super portable and easy to use, great for business presentations especially in the field allowing you to swipe, tap etc on the go. Convertible Laptops, or Convertible Tablets, come with keyboards that you can remove or fold out of the way. This means you can use the tablet for work and type easily thanks to a decent keyboard and get work done on a smaller, slimmer form factor device and then, when you want to use it as a tablet, simply remove or fold the keyboard away. Implementing a business tablet, regardless of the Operating System, into your organisation could allow your employees to stay productive while reducing the weight of their bag – it’s just a matter of figuring out what your priorities are.